What exactly is a comforter?

A comforter is a soft toy or a small blanket that your baby will use to help settle themselves for sleep, also known as a ‘security blanket’. As babies can get fussy and upset around bedtime, milestone developments and periods of uncertainty, introducing a comforter will help to soothe and support your baby through developmental changes. Comforters also serve as a best friend to accompany your child on sleepovers, day-care, long car trips, and more!

When do I need to introduce a comforter?

Around 6 or 7 months of age, your baby will go through an important cognitive development milestone, during which they will realise they are no longer attached to you. This is the start of a wonderful journey for your child in learning their world, building confidence and developing their sense of individuality and identity. But with this developmental milestone can bring separation anxiety, leading to unsettled sleeping and sometimes sleep regression. You may notice your baby is fussy going down and don’t like you leaving their room, needs you to help them fall asleep, and cannot get through sleep cycles on their own. Introducing a comforter at this time can help your baby feel safe, secure and reminded of you.

A safe-sleep comforter can be used from 7 months as a transition tool for helping your baby get to sleep*, and as an accompaniment for sleep in the cot from 12 months**.

*Safe-sleep practices advise that the comforter is removed from child’s sleep environment once they are asleep.
**Best practice would see you wait until 24 months to leave the comforter in the cot with your child.

Tips for introducing your comforter.

The first step is to integrate the comforter into your feeding routine. Put the comforter between you and your baby during feeding. Your baby will notice the comforter very quickly. Continue to do this during each feed to familiarise your baby with the comforter.

Leave the comforter on yourself for a few hours to absorb your scent (top tip- sleep with it overnight!), before introducing it to your baby. The scent of you on the comforter will naturally soothe your baby and help them to fall asleep quickly.

Give the comforter to your baby as a sleep transition tool during nap times. If your baby is less than 12 months old, the comforter should be removed from their sleep environment once they are asleep, following safe-sleep practices.

Once your baby is over 12 months, tuck the comforter in with your baby for naps and night sleeps.

Keep the comforter within reach during sleep, where it can be easily touched to help soothe your baby back to sleep.

Consistency is the key, so try and ensure your baby uses their comforter for all naps, sleeps, cart trips etc. The more your baby is aware of its comforter the quicker your baby will develop a close friendship with it. It will become clear when your baby is attached to its comforter they will smile when they see it.

What to look for in a safe-sleep comforter.

It’s important that your baby comforter is made of light, breathable fabric. Natural, non-toxic and skin-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton or bamboo are great choices, as these are safer for baby and will naturally absorb your scent.

Beware of losing your child’s best friend!

Many, many parents have been through the horror of losing their child’s comforter when on an outing or leaving it at daycare! No more tears, tantrums or buying multiple versions of your comforter as a ‘back up’, we’ve solved the problem!

Joey, ergoPouch’s Trackable Comforter, contains a child safe trackable device that can be paired with your smart phone, so you will never lose track of your little one’s most treasured companion.

The low-energy Bluetooth device is 100% safe for your little one, having passed all appropriate safety tests, and secured behind a childproof zip. The device can be removed for easy washing after a day of outdoor adventures or exuberant meal times!

Joey is made from 100% Bamboo and Organic Cotton, for a breathable, super soft and snuggly companion. This adorable little Joey will quickly find a place in your child’s heart.