Our Old What to Wear Guide

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Our What To Wear Guide is a staple in your nurseries and bedrooms across Australia. It takes the guesswork out of dressing a baby for sleep and comforts parents that their child will be warm and safe overnight. 

In 2024, it has undergone a refresh to make it even easier for parents to understand. After extensive research and seeking feedback from over 500 Australian parents, we understood that there were ways we could improve the design to help new parents get the most out of their What To Wear Guide.

Of course, if you’re familiar with the old guide and find that the recommendations work well for your child, we encourage you to continue using it. 

We are updating all references across our website to the new guide, but we will keep a version below in case you wish to reference it. 

If you wish to see our new Room Thermometer, please visit our What To Wear Guide or download a digital copy here.

Our Old What to Wear Guide

If you find that the previously recommended temperatures and dressing guidelines work for your child, then you can continue to use the old What to Wear Guide. 

You can access the old version of our Room Thermometer and What to Wear Guide below.

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