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Raising a little human isn't easy. From well-meaning friends, to experts and baby brands comes a slew of advice and information, some of it misleading and some downright dangerous.
ergoPouch work with experts in the field of sleep solutions to offer your family no-nonsense help and support along your sleep journey from birth to five years. If there is a topic that we haven’t covered and you would like some advice, please let us know.

Soothing an unsettled baby

It doesn’t matter how well a baby sleeps, or how hard we try to create the best sleeping environment; the reality is that babies will inevitably have unsettled times. And some more than others. The first 3 months of life are frequently referred to as the 4th trimester because babies have so much maturing to do. They have the enormous task of organising everything they experience into something that makes some sense, which is very challenging. Read on for tips on how to settle your baby.

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Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

With the news of a pregnancy and then delivery, we shower families with flowers, gifts, love and praise. But this celebration and joy can sometimes seem at odds with the emotions parents are experiencing. For a range of reasons, from traumatic delivery to isolation and even previous mental illness, many parents experience antenatal and postnatal anxiety and depression.

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