How to use the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet

Learn how to use the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet by ergoPouch. The lightweight bassinet is safe for your newborn to sleep in for naps on the go, or overnight when away from home.

When life gets busy, sticking to the perfect sleep routine isn't always possible. For families who need flexibility and simplicity in their daily routines but don't want to compromise on safe sleep for their baby, the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is the perfect solution.

The bassinet features a lightweight but sturdy steel frame, which folds away into a super compact backpack for easy transport and storage. Mesh sides run the entire way around the bassinet. The mattress is permeated with airflow holes, creating a 360 degree safe and breathable environment in which to sleep your baby.

Step one

Remove your bassinet from its storage backpack and undo the toggle.

Step two

Unfold from the centre and push down on each end until you hear the two side lock mechanisms click into place.

Step three

Use with our Bassinet Fitted Sheet. Add our Baby Tuck Sheet for extra comfort and warmth.

Step four

Attach mosquito net for outdoor use when required. Secure it in place uisng the press studs on each side.

Step five

Remove mattress for cleaning and secure it back in place with velcro strip.

Step six

To pack up, push side tabs out to release the lock.

Step seven

Pull ends up and in to fold the bassinet in half. Do up toggle.

Step eight

Place bassinet back into the backpack for storage or transport.
Safety tips for using your Bassinet
How to care for your Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet

Mattress Care: Remove the mattress from the Bassinet carry case. Gentle Hand Wash. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Frame and Bag Care: Wipe down with a damp cloth

Handy storage and transport

Store your Bassinet inside the Backpack when not in use, or when transporting the Bassinet from one location to another. The Bassinet, mattress and mosquito net will fit snuggly into the storage backpack.

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