What size Sleep Suit Bag should I buy?

  • 3–12 months: We recommend Bag mode
  • 8–24 months: We recommend Suit mode around 12—15 months of age, when your little one starts to walk.
  • 2–4 years: We recommend only using Suit mode to prevent injury in the event of cot climbing or leaving the bed during the night.
  • 4–6 years: We recommend only using Suit mode to prevent injury in the event of cot climbing or leaving the bed during the night.
  • 6–8 years: We recommend only using Suit mode to prevent injury in the event of cot climbing or leaving the bed during the night.

Do I use blankets on top of the Sleep Suit Bag?

The Sleep Suit Bag is TOG rated meaning they have an insulation grade making them warm enough to use for sleep without loose bedding, and are designed to replace blankets. It is recommended by safe sleep guidelines to sleep your child with their face and head uncovered, in thier cot free from loose bedding, pillows and toys.

How do I know if I have the right TOG to keep them warm enough?

Included in your Sleep Suit Bag packaging is a thermometer and dressing guide. Place the thermometer in your child's sleep environment to check room temperature. Once room temperature is established, use the table to guide you on the correct TOG and under-Layers combination. The Sleep Suit Bag comes in four different TOGs to ensure your child is comfortable no matter the room temperature. Our organic cotton fibres are excellent at keeping your child warm, whilst being breathable to maintain a comfortable and safe sleeping temperature.

Why are the sleeves on the 2.5 and 3.5 TOG not padded?

As a baby regulates their body temperature through their arms and head, ergoPouch 2.5 TOG and 3.5 TOG bags are padding free in the sleeves.

What does my baby wear under the Sleep Suit Bag?

This will vary from a nappy; to underwear if your child is toilet trained; through to warm pyjamas/onesies depending on the room temperature. Follow our What to Wear dressing guide (included with your Sleep Suit Bag) to layer appropriately underneath, according to your room temperature and what TOG you use. ergoPouch's under Layers are also TOG rated to help make dressing for sleep easy.


How do I stop my child from removing their Sleep Suit Bag?

Those independent fierce toddlers do not just discover their legs and walking once they reach toddler-hood. Their fine motor skill development often results in the discovery of zips and buttons on their Sleeping Bag. It is not uncommon for a toddler to remove their Sleeping Bag once you put them down for sleep. Parents have reported success with differing techniques, give one of these a go!.

1. Use the product in Suit mode
If you have the product still in Bag mode, it may be that your wriggly toddler just needs their leg freedom to be comfy during sleep. Go ahead and try out the Suit mode to see if it makes a difference.

2. Change the TOG
In some cases, your toddler may feel too hot and be removing it for comfort. If this is the case, check the room temperature and what TOG you are using. Use a lighter TOG if needed.

3. Ensure the zip cover is done up
The zip cover is a little fabric flap with a press-stud dome, that goes over the zip guard to prevent curious fingers from accessing and undoing the zip. Ensure this is done up when you put them down for their sleep.

4. Wear backwards or inside out
If your wily toddler has figured out the zip cover and nothing can stop them unzipping and remove their Sleep Suit Bag, try putting the product on them backwards, or inside out.

5. Try a different colour or print
We often get told by parents that their child prefers a particular colour or print in our range. Our Sleep Suit Bags come in various prints and colours. Wearing their favourite colour may help your head-strong toddler or preschooler settle in for sleep more easily.

Can my child walk around in the Sleep Suit Bag?

There are grip pads on the bottom of the Sleep Suit Bag to assist in walking safely if necessary for overnight bathroom trips, or sleepwalking. For safety, we do not recommend the Sleep Suit Bag is used outside of sleep as apparel. As the Sleep Suit Bag acts as a sleep cue, we strongly suggest dressing your child in it just before bedtime/lights out to give them the signal that it’s time for bed.