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The festive season is upon us. It’s time to get into the spirit of the holidays and prepare your wish lists. Make this year's gift something everyone needs a little more of – a good night’s rest. Follow our gift guide for tips on choosing the right TOGs for the season and get inspired by our gifts and treats for babies and kids that the whole family will love. 

Our Top Newborn Gifts for 2023

Let’s be honest: a gift for baby is a practical gift for Mum and Dad. The first few months of life earthside present a lot of challenges for newborn parents, particularly around baby sleep and, of course, their own sleep schedule needing to adapt to parenthood. A gift of a good night’s rest is a gift of a peaceful night’s sleep for the whole family. 

There are a couple of things that every baby needs to sleep soundly: a cosy and familiar environment to sleep in and sleepwear that restricts the startle reflex. These holidays, ergoPouch has put together the ultimate newborn essentials pack. The Sleepy Tales Newborn Gift Pack features our year-round favourite 1.0 TOG Cocoon Swaddle, a light 0.2 Layer for the warmer months and the Drift Away Portable White Noise Machine, ready for wherever your day, night or weekend takes you. 

For those lucky enough to be jetting off on holidays, the perfect combo for travelling with a newborn is our Drift Away White Noise Machine and Portable Bassinet. With this set, sleeping on the go is possible. A newborn requires up to 18 hours of sleep per day, and while it may be easy to stay at home, during holidays we want to create new memories as a family out and about. Bring these along, and bub will always have a safe spot to sleep and a familiar sound to rest, too.  

Gifts for the Whole Family

Get ready to create adorable matching pyjama moments that will make lasting holiday memories. Choose from a variety of prints that the whole family will love. We have everything from a Swaddle for baby, a Sleep Suit Bag for your wriggly toddler, Pyjamas for independent kids, a Matchy Matchy Robe for matchy matchy moments with Mum and, to top it off, our Doll Sleeping Bag for Baby Dolly - a cute and functional tool to help little ones learn bedtime routines.

Plus, our treat to you- to keep the kids entertained, download our FREE colouring-in from last season's summer prints , now available in Outlet. 

Top tip: Repurpose the colouring in as wrapping paper for gifts! Or alternatively, you can get the kids to create their own artwork for sustainable wrapping by getting them to paint on recycled paper. 

Our Top Bundle Recommendations

Newborns - Summer Cocoon Swaddle Pack

The 1.0 TOG is perfect for the cooler trans-seasonal nights (between 21-24°C), and 0.2 TOG can be used for day naps and summer sleeps (perfect for 24°C+).

Infants - Short Sleeve Layer 0.2 Pack

Perfect for tummy time, day adventures and can be worn under any of our Pouches.

Toddler - Cosy Up Gift Pack

We've assembled a special Gift Bundle to help your toddler transition from cot to big bed this summer season.  

Kids & Preschoolers - Long Sleeve Pyjama Pack 0.2 TOG

One for wash and one for wear! Made with our signature premium GOTS-certified organic cotton in a light 0.2 TOG rating.

Summer TOG Gifts

The 2023 holiday season in Australia is expected to be a warm one. With the official confirmation of El Nino this season, temperatures are set to rise and intensify. While we can take on the heat, babies on the other hand can’t regulate their body temperature. It’s important to dress your baby appropriately in light, TOG-rated sleepwear. 

There is nothing worse than the unbearable heat that follows a warm summer day in Australia. The stickiness and humidity fill the house and linger long past the sun goes down. When preparing your baby for day naps and putting them down for the night, refer to the What to Wear Guide included in every pouch purchase. 

For those extra warm summer days, you’ll need a 0.2 TOG Cocoon Swaddle, perfect for temperatures 24°C plus, paired with a Short Sleeve Bodysuit and Baby Tuck Sheet. To check if baby is too warm, place your hands on baby’s chest and neck. If they are feeling clammy and warm to touch, remove the Short Sleeve Bodysuit and wear the Swaddle on its own.  For nights, when the cool sets in, a 1.0 TOG Cocoon Swaddle is perfect on its own for temperatures 21-24°C. 

Reminder: Use the What to Wear Guide as a guide only and consider environmental factors and the child’s health.

Staff Recommendations for 2023 Holiday Gifts

“One of my besties had her first bub (Hugo) this week and lives in the States. I'll be getting her the Ocean Cocoon Swaddle, Ocean Short Sleeve Layer (for when she visits Aus over Jan over the summer) and White Noise Machine. I think the Ocean print will remind her of home, too, plus it's a bit spesh -- I drew the Little Critters print her bub will wear.” – Bianca, Design

“I’ll be getting matching Sleep Suit Bags for my 2 and 5 year olds in Sunny or Ocean print. I would like to alternate the prints, but jealousy will factor in.” - Courtney, eCommerce

“I will be getting a matching Ocean Sleep Suit Bag and Short Sleeve Layers for my 4 year old and 1 year old because I can't resist a matchy matchy opportunity. I'll also be getting the Daisies PJs for my 4 year old because his favourite colour is pink.” - Sarah, Design

“I'll be getting Ollie some new PJs because he's outgrown his. I'll be getting the Night Sky print before it sells out, because it's his fave pair and getting him to wear any other print is always a mission.” - Brinelle, Design

“My sister is just about to give birth to her first baby and is new to the world of swaddling and baby sleep. I’ll be getting her the Newborn Sleepy Tales Pack as it’s a good introductory pack for new Mums and Dads. I’ll be getting the Oatmeal Marle and Dragonflies prints for her little boy.” - Sarah, Marketing

“For Christmas this year, I’ll be getting my boys the Bedtime Affirmation Cards to help settle them down before sleep. For the warmer months, I will also get my 1 year old the Sunny Sheeting Bag and my oldest a matching Sleep Suit Bag in a 0.2 TOG.“ – Matt, eCommerce

We hope this 2023 holiday gift guide helps you and your loved ones get plenty of z’s. Enjoy the festive season and have a happy holiday! 

With love,

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