How to Wash, Remove Stains From & Store Baby Clothes

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Caring for your ergoPouch

The high-quality organic materials in ergoPouch are designed to last and be passed down from child to child, next-door neighbour to distant friend. How you store, wash, and remove stains will determine how well your ergoPouch sleepwear and sleep products will hold up. 

Of course, no one wants to pass down stained and dirty baby clothes, so we’re giving you our top sleepwear care tips to get the most out of your purchase.

How to wash baby clothes

Detergents and washing liquid: What to wash with

First and foremost, our natural fibres are reviewed by the eczema association as a skin-friendly product. 

To maintain this, we always recommend using a natural and gentle washing detergent or liquid, especially for babies and children with sensitive skin.

Washing temperature and setting

Always put your garment in a cold, delicate wash with a full load of clothing. This will help maintain the colour, distribute around the machine easier and is gentle on the natural materials of your bag or layer. Bonus: cold water uses less electricity. Never wash your garment in hot water as this will agitate the fibres. 

We don’t recommend washing your ergoPouch product on its own or with towels or linen as this will be heavy on the garment, particularly on the filling in your 2.5 or 3.5 TOG bags. Your winter TOGs should be placed in a garment wash bag. 

Once washed, hang it out to dry. 

How to remove pesky stains

To remove a stubborn stain like baby poop or baby vomit, we recommend: 

1.      Creating a paste by mixing washing powder and water. Alternatively, if you have a washing detergent that can be applied directly to the stain, use that instead. 

2.      Applying the mixture to the stain using your fingers and rub it in.

*test this method on a hidden part of your pouch or layer prior to use to ensure this method is suitable for your garment

Top stain-fighting tip: you can also apply white vinegar (undiluted) directly on the area of concern. Rub it in and wash immediately after. After that, wash the product as usual, following the tips provided above. Store-bought stain removers are traditionally quite harsh on ergoPouch products, so use this approach instead. 

If your swaddle, sleeping bag or layer is light-coloured, it's best to hang it in the sun as this will help remove any remaining stains. However, if the product is dark-coloured, avoid hanging it in the sun as it may cause the colour to fade. Instead, hang it indoors to dry or in the shade. Make sure you check the stain has been removed on your wet garment before drying, as heat could set the stain.

How to store your baby clothes

Before storing your ergoPouch product, ensure you have washed and dried the garment as per the washing instructions. Afterward:

·       Store it in an airtight container

·       Place it in a cool and dry area 

Watchout: . Heat will bring out old stains, therefore a cupboard is an ideal spot for your ergoPouch to sit. Ensure it’s not placed in a cardboard box.

When the time comes for you to pass on your garment, take it out of storage and use the paste method above if there are any visible stains. Then, wash and dry according to its colour (light-coloured garments in the sun, dark-coloured items indoors or in the shade).

We hope you love your new ergoPouch sleepwear and continue to care for and share your pouch for many years to come. If you still have your garment’s packaging, please review our guide on how to recycle ergoPouch packaging.

With love,

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Raising a little human isn't easy. From well-meaning friends, to experts and baby brands comes a slew of advice and information, some of it misleading and some downright dangerous.
ergoPouch work with experts in the field of sleep solutions to offer your family no-nonsense help and support along your sleep journey from birth to five years. If there is a topic that we haven’t covered and you would like some advice, please let us know.


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