Toddler Bodywear & Rompers

When your 1-2 year old reaches toddler-hood, this exciting milestone can often be accompanied by many sleep disruptions. From 12-24 months, your curious toddler starts to walk and learns to explore but may still be too young to move to a big bed and blankets. Cognitive and motor leaps can result in refusal to settle or sleep, and you may begin toilet training. At this stage, sleepwear can help your busy toddler understand positive associations with sleep, create healthy bedtime habits and overcome settling challenges. Safe, comfortable toddler sleepwear solutions designed for their needs will help you get your 12–24-month-old into bed and stay there. 

We’ve created a range of gorgeous ribbed and organic cotton bodywear pieces made right here in Australia, ideal for your little mover. Our Bodywear range of toddler bodysuits and rompers for 12-24 months is designed to be worn as the layer that sits close to your toddler’s skin. You’ll find cute details to suit your toddler, including a stretchy slim-fit romper that can be thrown into your nappy bag for day adventures. Plus, a suite of cool, calm colours that will suit any nursery or outfit. These easy wear toddler rompers can be worn underneath Pouches or Layers for extra warmth or just on their own during warmer weather. Our short and long sleeve toddler bodysuits and singlets are skin-friendly, breathable, and soft, providing breathability for your little one’s delicate skin.

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