Introducing Joey! The World's First Trackable Comforter

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Hi, I’m Joey. I, like other small soft toys with a blanket (most commonly known as a comforter), can settle your baby and help to teach positive sleeping habits. I’ll make your baby’s transition to sleeping on their own an easy one, by soothing them back to sleep in the middle of the night (not only does your bub get better sleep but you do too).

Red Nose recommends the use of a comforter from 7 months, when it’s safer for your baby and separation anxiety within their development becomes apparent. I’m a handy addition to the family and can be your little one’s best friend if you’re planning on returning to work or being looked after by someone else when you want some mummy time. To make things EVEN BETTER, I am the WORLD’S FIRST Trackable Comforter. I'm made from the softest, purest, eco-friendly Bamboo and Cotton. You might have seen my face around, as I am the face of ergoPouch.

As a little Joey, I aim to find a place in your child’s heart and become a part of your family. Not only am I a cute comforter, but there will also be no more tears over a lost comforter as I contain a child-safe, trackable device that can be paired with your iPhone, so you will never lose track of your little one’s most treasured companion. Safety is my number one priority. Just like our sleepwear you can be rest assured I have made myself just as safe-sleep compliant. I include a childproof zip (so even the most talented of bubs can’t figure me out). The device inside my soft tummy is low energy emitting and provides safe and minimal Bluetooth radiation so that you can keep me by your little one all day/night with no harm. Not only am I safe, but I am also waterproof, skin-friendly and antibacterial. I have passed all the appropriate safety tests.

Also, if I get a bit dirty or smelly, it’s okay I am machine washable too (take my device out) and hang me to dry, and I will be all brand new. It is super easy to download my accompanying app. Just head to the App Store and download the “iTrack Easy” App and follow the prompts to register and log in.

Not all babies bond immediately with their comforter and require a little bit of encouragement to form their relationship. It is recommended to introduce me during feeding, by laying me across your chest, near your little one to cuddle whilst they are relaxed. By placing me in bed with you each night for a week or so, you will allow me to absorb your scent, which will naturally put your baby to sleep sooner. Ensure when placing me in bed with your baby that I am always within arm’s reach. Once your baby has become attached to me (which is my goal), you may notice them smiling at me when visible or reaching for me when they’re upset or tired. If your baby needs a snuggle, you can find me, ready and waiting to give some love.

Meet Joey

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