How to use the Lyra Convertible Cot

Assembly and useful tips

In this video we teach you how to assemble your Lyra Convertible Cot. Prefer a physical instruction book? Download it here.

More than just a cot, Lyra is a companion that will grow with your baby from their first sleep to their first steps towards independence. Made with the same level of care, functionality, safety and attention to detail as our award-winning sleepwear, our Lyra Cot is designed to provide a warm and comfortable sleep space for your baby through to your preschooler.
Step one Step one

Step one

Unpack all the pieces and lay them on a soft surface such as a rug, carpet or the flattened cardboard box. This is to protect the timber and your floors from any scratches.
Step two Step two

Step two

Attached 2 corner pieces to a headboard using 4 x 50mm screws.
Step three Step three

Step three

Attach one side panel using 2 x 50mm screws.
Step four Step four

Step four

Repeat with the second headboard and remaining corners.
Step five Step five

Step five

Choose the mid or low case position depending on your child’s age and stage and attach the bottom base using 4 x 50mm screws.
Step six Step six

Step six

Attach the final side using 4 x 50mm screws.
Step seven Step seven

Step seven

Using 4 x 40mm screws, attach the feet to the bottom frame.
Step eight Step eight

Step eight

Tall parents may choose to add leg extenders to the feet.
Step nine Step nine

Step nine

Flip the cot over and line up the bottom frame. Secure it to the bottom of the cot using 10 x 35mm screws.
Step ten Step ten

Step ten

Add a 690 x 1,300mm cot mattress. Do not use a mattress smaller than 650 x 1,260mm or taller than 12mm.
Step eleven Step eleven

Step eleven

To convert your cot into a toddler bed, unscrew one side panel.
Step twelve Step twelve

Step twelve

Replace it with the toddler guardrail with 2 x 50mm screws and 3 x 35mm screws.

What configuration should I choose?

Lyra has an adjustable base has two heights for safety; use the higher position for a newborn or infant who is not yet sitting, and the lower position for a sitting infant or standing toddler. The legs come with your choice of height extenders for tall parents*, and caster wheels for families who may need to move the cot around the house for convenience. Once your sweet babe reaches toddlerhood, convert your cot into a toddler bed with the included safety guardrail (from 2Y +) for the next stage of their sleep journey.

*For safety and easy access for your toddler, remove height extenders from legs when in the toddler bed configuration.

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What’s included with your Lyra Convertible Cot?

  • 1 x Lyra Cot with screws
  • 4 x Leg Height Extenders
  • 4 x Caster Wheels
  • 1 x Toddler Safety Guardrail
  • 1 x User Manual
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A few notes about your new cot

This cot requires assembly. A step-by-step manual is included, or please watch the video above for instruction. Lost your manual? Download it here.

The Lyra Convertible Cot does not come with a mattress. If you have not already done so, you can purchase the Deluxe Cot Mattress.

Lyra meets all safety compliance and standards for Cots under AS/NZS2172:2013


  • 1,342mm Length
  • 742mm Width
  • 824mm Height

A few notes about your new cot

alt image alt image

Product Information


  • Always follow instructions carefully when assembling and using the Lyra cot.
  • Please ensure all pieces are securely fastened together.
  • Ensure to position the cot away from heaters, power points and windows.
  • Do not place cot near curtains, cords, mobiles, loose items or bulky items that a child can potentially pull into cot or onto themselves that can cause harm or injury.
  • Never use electric blankets or hot water bottles for babies or young children.
  • Please ensure to use the appropriate and well-fitting bedding items when using the Lyra Cot.
  • To prevent falls: the maximum mattress thickness should not exceed 120mm; the maximum base of this cot should be adjusted to the lowest position before the child can sit up; remove any height extenders from the legs when in the toddler bed configuration.
  • Only convert to a Toddler Bed from 2years+.

Care instructions

Wipe the timber with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh soaps or detergents.

Lyra is made from FSC-certified natural beechwood, which is ethically sourced in Croatia, and manufactured in China. The timber is durable, and will last several years across multiple children. It is coated with a chemical-free and non-toxic lacquer to protect the wood. This lacquer is safe for your baby if they bite the cot.

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