Explore With Us

Explore With Us takes us to the tiny nooks full of natural wonder and beauty that you love most. Having endured plenty of time at home, we asked a few of our great mates to explore their backyard and take us to places unique to them, full of delightful wondrous treasures all on their doorstep.

With a vast and beautiful landscape right at our fingertips, now is the time to pack up a picnic, head to your favourite site and explore the natural wonders that we call home.

Follow along as friends guide us to their glorious and favourite places close to their home as they bask in the magic of adventure. Keep an eye out for some tips and tricks for adventuring with toddlers, preschoolers and babies; why their favourite landmarks are important to them and their must-have items this summer for sleep and play.

We're all about PJs all day around here, so let's put on a pair of our new PJs or Australian-made Bodywear and even our Robes and head out for some much-needed adventure. So follow along and soak in all inspiration for your next backyard adventure.

*While most of Australia can travel far beyond a 5km radius, our friends Rachel and Carly live in states with restrictions that keeps them to a 5km radius. Rachel and Carly have explored their favourite spots, which happen to be within 5kms of their homes. And have done so safely and responsibly away from other people.

With love, eP X

Explore with...

Exploring Hannah’s local beach with her boys in Queensland, 22.5752° S, 144.0848° E

“ergoPouch have brought a little slice of Australia to you with their new Australiana range. Inspired by Australia's vast and varying landscape, our Spring/Summer Pouch Tales prints tell a story of imagination, playfulness, and dreamy soft tones. Explore your own state and your little slice of heaven with ergoPouch.”

What is your favourite local spot?
Our favourite local spot would be Coolum Bays.

What makes this destination so unique?
We love this destination because it's a perfect beach for a family day; exploring the rocks and finding little swimming holes, it's one of those beaches you can hang out at all-day.

What are your tips and tricks for keeping kids entertained when out and about?
We keep it pretty simple; we dig a big hole, bring along our toddler's favourite toys (trucks), make jumps out of the sand, go for swims, and always have snacks on hand. The Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is a game-changer for longer days exploring. It means my bigger boy doesn't have to be interrupted from play while our newborn naps. We love it.

Exploring Ella’s hidden coastal beach track with her son in Tasmania, 42.0409° S, 146.8087° E

“Adventures with toddlers and relaxation don't really go hand in hand. But what does go hand in hand is ergoPouch and sleepwear. As we head out to explore our backyard and all that it has to offer, I’ll be taking ergoPouch along for the ride. Inspired by Australia's vast and varying landscape, ergoPouch’s Spring/Summer Limited Edition Pouch Tales prints reimagine Australia's unique flora and fauna and tell a story of imagination and playfulness in dreamy soft tones. #heavenly”

What is your favourite local spot?
Our little family love enjoying a walk along our local coastal beach track in Southern Tasmania. We also love camping, swimming, surfing and exploring our family farms.

Why do you love this destination? What makes it so special?
It’s a great opportunity to get outside in the fresh air, to get some vitamin D and for Bernie to have a run around with our fur baby Maple. Maple is a 3-year-old Labradoodle who Bernie absolutely adores.

After you've been exploring, what are your top tips for getting the kids to sleep?
Bernie sleeps in his ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag every night. He also enjoys a last little run around for ten or so minutes after his night bottle before he goes down. We often play a little game or read a story, anything he would like during this time. Even when we are out and about, travelling or staying away overnight for some reason, we still try to ensure that we follow our bedtime routine.

Exploring Michelle’s beautiful backyard, with four kids in tow in Woodbury, Queensland, 23.0317° S, 150.6876° E

“This year, we're exploring with the folk from ergoPouch. They're making adventures in your own backyards with kids to boot a little easier. Think, an Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet for our newborn baby, a brand-new Spring/Summer collection of TOG rated organic sleep solutions for every age and stage of your child's development. Plus, some must-have Australian made bodywear for each of the minis in your life.”

What is your favourite local spot?
Our favourite local spot would have to be our backyard, living on top of a hill. There's just so much we can explore. We love going on little adventures around the property to find unique treasures and spot the wildlife. We are lucky to have wild kangaroos, wallabies, many kinds of bird wildlife, snakes (not that we see them often), echidnas and emus.

After you've been exploring, what are your top tips for getting the kids to sleep?
A nice warm shower/bath, then into ergoPouch PJs, baby into his Cocoon Swaddle Bag, we then pop on their nightlights and storytime. Then once we have kissed them, we pop on some white noise music. We do this every night, and the kids love having the same routine.

Exploring the forests of WA with Bohannah’s three kids in Western Australia, 27.6728°S, 121.6283°E

“Adventure buddies since 2015. We are partial to a good road-trip, and I think we've got it down pat after all these years. Lots of snacks and comfortable clothes are a must. ergoPouch pyjamas are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, they're slim-fit, stretchy (perfect for long car rides) and certified non-toxic. ergoPouch’s prints this season are inspired by Australia's vast and varying landscape. Always a good idea to bring a spare pair too.”

What is your favourite local spot?
As every good local knows, you never give away the secret spots! The best places for us are the ones you have to find yourself when everyone else dashes to the popular spots.

What are your must-haves when you go adventuring with the fam?
My camera and phone to capture all those special moments on video. Lots of snacks, bandaids and spare clothes. We love easy-to-wear pieces that can be layered up or down for the forever-changing weather.

What are your tips and tricks for keeping kids entertained when out and about?
We don’t use devices. Instead, the kids use their imaginations to keep themselves entertained. We always make sure we pack a drawing pad with pencils, lots of their favourite books, and we are partial to a card game or two.

After you’ve been exploring, what are top tips for getting your kids down to sleep?
A warm bath or shower and a book always calms the kids and gets them ready for bed. When they were younger, we often relied on TOG rated sleeping bags to provide extra comfort and warmth.

Exploring Crystal’s local beach with her two boys in Adelaide 34.9285°S, 138.6007°E

“Suppose you're an adventurer like me and love sleep like me (don't we all). Then jump in the car, explore your park or local beach and take ergoPouch along for the ride. With a new range of Australiana prints, a suite of Australian made Bodywear, they've got you covered for sleepy nights and backyard adventures.”

What are your tips and tricks for keeping kids entertained when out and about?
At the beach we always bring a bucket and shovel to build sandcastles and some cool diggers/ dump trucks! I find they’re always a hit! Always keep snacks on hand to distract and keep them happy too.

After you've been exploring, what are your top tips for getting the kids to sleep?
Straight in the shower or bath after being out and about! Nothing like winding down after a busy day out in the sun having fun. After my youngest son has a bath, he will cuddle on the couch with us, have a feed, then we put him into his sleeping bag and turn on his white noise and put him in his cot, and he goes to sleep!

Once our little one is down, we like to sit down and play some lego or read a book with our eldest son to spend some one-on-one time with him! He then hops into bed in his PJs with his white noise machine on and goes to sleep cuddling his bunny.

Crystal’s faves for summer exploring and snoozing:

ergoPouch has the complete solution to your sleep and exploring needs. Our beautifully soft Australian made Bodywear is perfect for your backyard adventures. The Australiana PJs are ideal for little ones who like to wear jammies all day.

Then, after exploring the great outdoors, our easy-to-use Window Blockouts block out 100% light to make sure that your mini can properly recharge before their next adventure.

On-the-go parents will love our Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet. Not only is it lightweight, easy to use and breathable, it is ideal for the endless adventures you take your older kids on. Watch as your kids frolic in the sand and your baby sleeps soundly in their Bassinet.

What to pack or not pack? Pack light and throw in a few of our lightweight Bodywear layers; Take plenty of snacks;

  • Pack for all weather conditions;
  • Plan for PLENTY of stops;
  • Stay in the shade;
  • Layer up or layer down;
  • Don’t go overboard with nappies;
  • Water, water, water;
  • Sunscreen!;
  • Pack the PJs,
  • Bodywear and Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet if you have a baby;
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if they skip the nap;
  • Pack all the baby wipes;
  • Plan your activities for early morning, late afternoon or evenings.

Exploring Carly’s local beach and beach huts with her two boys in Melbourne, 37.8136°S, 144.9631°E

“Bedtime or beach huts? I know where we’d rather be! As the nights are getting warmer, it’s just too tempting to sneak out in our ergoPouch PJs for one last play on the beach exploring our local and running in the sand. Although they may be sleeping in a bed full of sand, nights full of adventure are treasured in my memories for years to come.”

What is your favourite local spot?
We feel so grateful to live so close to the ocean, and you’ll find us on the sand or in the water most days.

What makes it so special?
There’s so much to explore! Climbing on the rocks, looking for creatures in the rock pools, splashing in the water. Flynn has even been teaching us all about the native flora on the foreshore that he’s learned at beach kindy.

After you've been exploring, what are your top tips for getting the kids to sleep?
A warm bath to calm them down (and remove the sand)! Then we have a bedtime story and a little chat about our day. I like to ask them a few questions about the day — What was something we enjoyed? What did we learn today? And then they drift off to sleep listening to their favourite lullabies (after 3 trips to the toilet, 27 glasses of water and a few hundred more cuddles). And of course, we dress both of our boys in eP.

Exploring Curl Curl and the rocks with her daughter, in Sydney, Australia 33.8688°S, 151.2093°E

“Being in lockdown, I’ve never been so grateful to live close to our favourite spot. Olive is obsessed with exploring and climbing rocks and crawling on the sand which means a spare change of clothes is essential. We always pop her in something versatile, lightweight and most importantly easy to change, like the ergoPouch Australian Made Bodywear.” ”

What makes Curl Curl so special?
Curl Curl has always been a special place for us, and we’ve been coming to this spot well before we even moved into the area. When Olive was born, we’d take her down in the pram for walks, and now that she’s grown, she loves climbing the rocks, crawling in the sand and exploring the rockpools. We’ve spent lots of special family days here, and no doubt there will be many more to come in the future.

What are your tips and tricks for keeping kids entertained when out and about?
Olive is pretty entertained just by being outdoors as there’s so much to explore. But it always helps to have snacks and a bucket/spade on hand too.

After you've been exploring, what are your top tips for getting Olive down to sleep?
Having a good wind-down routine before bed helps Olive relax and get to sleep after a busy day. After bath time, we always pop her in an ergoPouch sleeping bag, read her favourite book and put on some white noise too.

Exploring the gumtrees at their local park with her newborn son and toddler in Queensland, 22.5752°S, 144.0848°E

“This summer season, I'm packing ergoPouch for adventure. Australian made Bodywear (tick) Australiana themed Sleepwear (tick), a new Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet that is lightweight and breathable (tick) Window Blackouts for my van (tick). Australia, here we come!” ”

What are your must-haves when you go adventuring with the fam?
Many accessible snacks for my toddler (and me) plus cold water, a must-have while breastfeeding. Comfy layered clothes for when it gets cooler later in the day, at least two packets of wipes, and now that ergoPouch has their new travel bassinet, I'll be adding that to the must-haves list! Great idea for travelling with a newborn, so you know they have somewhere safe while you entertain your toddler.

What are your tips and tricks for keeping kids entertained when out and about?
The best tip? When you can, take the grandparents. Don't stay longer than you need to (know your kids getting tired / over-it cues), ample snacks, a colouring pad/pencils work a treat when picnicing.

After you've been exploring, what are your top tips for getting the kids to sleep?
I try and exhaust them while they are out and about to fall asleep in the car on the way home. The transition from car to bed is much easier when they are dressed in their sleepwear before you put them in the car! If we stay somewhere other than home, then the dinner/bath/book/bed routine works for us. The ergoPouch Blockout Blinds are ideal so that the room is similar to that at home #musthave.

If you've been out exploring and come home to a warm house, follow this handy guide to keep your mini or minis cool and comfortable.

  • Dress baby/toddler/child in organic cotton;
  • Don't overdress baby, follow our handy guide;
  • Sleep baby on their back with nothing covering in their face;
  • Use TOG rated sleepwear for summer i.e.. 1.0 & 0.2/0.3 TOG;
  • 0.2/0.3 TOG best worn in 24ºc–26ºc;
  • 1.0 TOG best worn in 21ºc–24ºc;

  • An excellent way to check baby's temperature is to feel their back or tummy, which should feel warm (don't worry if baby's hands and feet feel cool, this is normal);
  • Use our Window Blockouts to keep the room dark and cool;
  • Give them a lukewarm bath before bed, which will cool them down and help with their sleep routine;
  • What baby sleeps on is as important as what they sleep In. Choose an organic cotton sheet. Like our Bassinet, Cot and Single bed Sheets.