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Are you about to take the next significant milestone in your little one's sleep journey by moving them from a cot to big bed?

Do you need some uncomplicated advice on where to get started? Welcome, you've found the right place.

Follow along as we guide you with some expert tricks, product information, safe sleeping tips and we’ll arm you with a cot to bed tool kit, plus so much more. You've got this; we've got you; let's transition to a big bed together.

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eP X.

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How do I know if my toddler is ready to move to a big bed?

Generally speaking, most toddlers move into a toddler or big bed between the ages of 2 and 3.5 years. Some signs that they might be ready are:

  • Are they toilet training and need quick access to the toilet?
  • Are they climbing out of the cot or have they outgrown it?
  • Are they asking to go into a big girl or boy bed?

But remember that every child is different; if yours is not ready, that's ok. The time will come at the right time for them. You can always try introducing a pillow and a quilt into their cot once they're over 2. This will give them some time to practice before the big move.

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Let’s get you ready to transition. Grab you mini and get choose choose choosing.

Start with the Organic Toddler Pillow

The Organic Toddler Pillow features a low profile (3cm) designed to support the correct alignment of the neck during sleep from 2 years of age. Both the pillow and case are made from soft, breathable, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton to prevent those sweaty feels at night.

Our organic cotton fabric is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals and pesticides for a healthier and more sustainable sleep. With a quilted design to prevent clumping, the Organic Toddler Pillow can be machine washed. Handy, we know.


Let’s get you ready to transition. Grab you mini and get choose choose choosing.

Add the Waterproof Toddler Pillow Protector

To give parents additional peace of mind and extend the longevity of their child's pillow, we've introduced a noise-free waterproof pillow protector to the toddler bedding line up. Choose to use the protector as a pillow case on its own, or add one of our Pillow Cases over the top for styling and preference.

  • Highly absorbent GOTS-certified organic cotton terry
  • Bonded with Polyeurathane inner to help protect your toddler's pillow
  • Non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals and pesticides
  • Helps prevent CO2 rebreathing for a healthier and more sustainable sleep
  • Zip closure to help inner stay in place

Please note, the case is designed to fit our Organic Toddler Pillow only (sold separately), and will not fit a standard pillow. 


Add the Waterproof Toddler Pillow Protector

Fitted Sheets

What your child sleeps on is as important as what they sleep in.

Our Organic Fitted Sheet is the ideal non-toxic, soft and breathable surface for your baby to rest their sweet head on. Made from GOTS-certified Organic Cotton with a little bit of elastane for stretch, the sheet is soft and comforting.

Our NEW 2-in-1 Waterproof Fitted Sheet combines non-toxic waterproof polyurethane material with highly absorbent organic cotton flannel — the perfect mix of practicality, style and safety for toddlers and toilet training preschoolers. Handy tip: Layer two sets of sheets on your mattress so that in the event of a nighttime accident, simply remove the top sheet set and put your little one back to bed quickly.


Fitted Sheets

Next up, the Convertible Cotton Quilt

The Convertible Cotton Quilt is a truly unique quilt, ideal for toddlers (2 years and up) learning to sleep under a blanket. It comprises different TOG-rated halves that zip together or apart for use in the cot and big bed. The Quilt can either be purchased with two halves already zipped together (Single size), or as individual halves that can be combined to create the perfect quilt for your child (Demi/Cot size). 

The Single Size quilt is designed for year-round use, with a light half and a warm half. The Demi / Cot Size is available for purchase in both light and warm weights, and features zips down both sides, so that it can later be connected to another Demi Quilt to become a full-size quilt suitable for a single bed. With the Demi/Cot size, you can choose your own TOG’s to customise warmth on both sides of the quilt for your room temperature. 


 Made from and filled with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, it is both healthy and safe for your child as well as easily machine washable — a must for all childhood bedding!


Next up, the Convertible Cotton Quilt

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Before the big move let’s check safety in the room!

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Tips for surviving the pitfalls 

Yes, there will be some pitfalls like toddlers wandering around in the middle of the night with newfound freedom. 

Follow our handy tips to survive this newfound freedom: 

  • As you're approaching D-Day, involve them in picking their new pillow and quilt.
  • Get them excited about it and talk to them about what will be happening.
  • Let them role play and learn by putting their teddies and dolls to bed.
  • Keep things the same, routines, comforters, night lights, reading and so on. If you're toilet training, don't attempt overnight toilet training at the same time as the bed move, so you don't introduce too many changes at once.
  • Get a clock and explain when this hand reaches the 7, you can get out of bed. We know, easier said than done, but it may help have less 5am hall walk. 
  • Dress them in a Sleep Suit Bag or Sleep Onesie to ensure they keep warm if the quilt falls off.
  • If they stay in their bed all night, tell them how proud you are! This too shall pass, remember that!

Tips for surviving the pitfalls 

Organic, natural sleepwear

for a healthier, safer sleep

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Did you know your child’s skin is thin, sensitive and porous? This means its open and susceptible to absorbing elements that can be undesirable. We choose to make all our sleepwear and products with natural fibres; GOTS-certified organic cotton and bamboo with a little bit of elastane for stretch.

Our material is certified non-toxic, and all products are made with high quality techniques and built-in safety features. Not only does this keep your child safer overnight, but it also benefits our environment for your children’s children.


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