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We get it; travelling with a baby in tow is hard. Really hard. Different time zones, long transits, cramped space, limited luggage and different weather to plan for. Babies and small children can experience major sleep disruptions due to time zone changes, disruptions to regular routines whilst holidaying and even climate.

Our travel edit is a list of essential baby travel products for travelling parents. If you're travelling with a baby, this edit aims to make things easier through convenient solutions for holiday lounging and sleep. Baby travel products like our TOG rated baby swaddles, sleeping bags, sleep suits and pyjamas will help manage temperature changes at your destination, just don't forget to pack your room thermometer and what to wear guide (free with every pouch), in your suitcase! Helpful products such as the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet provide a safe space for your baby to lounge and sleep supervised whilst in transit (or on the beach), and our reusable Window Blockout will block 100% of sunlight in even the sunniest of tropical destinations!

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