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What are
Joey’s Features?

  • Bamboo Jersey and Organic Cotton
  • Childproof Zip
  • Low Energy and Safe Bluetooth tracking device
  • Safe-sleep Compliant
  • Waterproof Device
  • Machine Washable

What is a comforter?

Life is full of change and transitions for a baby. Comforters are designed for settling babies by providing comfort and security.

They are a portable friend who becomes the sign for sleep time. They can also sooth a baby when they are stressed or experience change.


When should I introduce Joey to my baby?

Around the 7-8 month mark, your baby reaches a separation milestone developmentally, where they realise are no longer attached to you.

You may notice your child becoming noticeably upset when you leave the room, as they approach this age. This can have a flow-on effect to sleep, where your baby may find it difficult to settle on their own.

Introducing a comforter around this milestone can help your baby feel soothed when transitioning to sleep. For safe sleep, we recommend the comforter is used as a sleep transition tool, and removed from the cot once your baby is asleep.

How does Trackable work?

Joey contains a small, safe, low energy Bluetooth device that pairs with the iTrack app on your Apple or Android smartphone.

The iTrack app shows you how far Joey is, and contains a map feature to locate your lost Joey. Distance alerts to your phone help you locate Joey, and the app automatically records the last place your phone saw him.


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How do I work Joey?

We have created a step by step guide to help you keep check of your little ones most treasured companion.


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