*Trigger Warning* This blog discusses sudden infant and child death and loss.

Helping all Australian babies and kids sleep safely.

Did you know nine children die suddenly and unexpectedly every day in Australia? Since ergoPouch was founded in 2009, our mission has been to help all babies in Australia sleep safely and comfortably. August 9th is Red Nose Day, where Australian's come together to help stop little lives being cut short due to SUDI.

Through our support and yours, we can help Red Nose continue their fantastic work in providing safe sleeping education, research and bereavement support services for Australian families impacted by the death of a child.

Red Nose Day Friday 9th August

To align our mission with the critical work Red Nose Australia do, ergoPouch will be donating 10% of online sales throughout August* to Red Nose.

Who are Red Nose Australia?

Red Nose is Australia’s leading authority on safe sleep and pregnancy, and bereavement support for families affected by the death of a child.  Founded in 1977 by bereaved parents who wanted to make sure the devastating impact of the death of a child never happened to anyone else.

Since inception, Red Nose have reduced SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) by 85% and invested more than $17million into vital research.  However, 3,000 babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers still die suddenly and unexpectedly each year.  The online work of Red Nose, and support by the community will help drive this number towards zero.

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How are we saving little lives?

Supporting Red Nose

The money ergoPouch will donate to Red Nose Australia will go towards world-class research, lifesaving education to every parent and carer in Australia, and vital free bereavement support services to those impacted by the death of a child. All in an effort to reduce nine deaths a day to zero.

Providing Safe-Sleep Products

Safety is a cornerstone of the ergoPouch brand, and all products are designed and rigorously tested. Each product in our range is uniquely designed to overcome ambient challenges, and development or growth milestones that can impact safe sleeping. This includes:

Temperature. Our products are TOG-rated for warmth, and temperature guides provided with all sleepwear products help parents make safe choices on keeping their child at the optimum bodily temperature when sleeping

Materials.  All our sleepwear is made from natural fibres (organic cotton and bamboo). Natural fibres are breathable, and greatly reduce the risk of overheating that synthetic fibres pose.

Fit for Purpose.  We design products that cater to developmental milestones of the first 5 years of a child life, to ensure their sleepwear is safe for their age, and safe in navigating developmental milestones.

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* Terms & Conditions

10% of revenue from sales of full-priced products on ergopouch.com.au between 9th August 07.00am and 31st August 23.59pm AEST will be donated to Red Nose Australia.