What to pack in your Nappy Bag | The newborn edition.

The time has come, you’re ready to venture out of the house with your newborn. As a new mum, this can be incredibly daunting and overwhelming. There is a whole new world out there, gone are the days when you can pick up your cute little tote bag and run out the door. An outing with a newborn baby requires a lot more attention to detail and preparation.

Firstly, consider how long you will be out of the house so you can plan accordingly. If you’re going to be out for a couple of hours, you will only need the essentials. On the other hand, if you plan on being out all day, you will need to be a bit more organised. It’s easy to get carried away with packing everything imaginable minus the kitchen sink. To help you venture out back into the world, the team at ergoPouch have curated a list of must-have items to pack in your nappy bag, including a great option for the bag itself.


For Sleeping on the go.

Aside from the essentials, you will need a comfortable and safe bed for your baby to sleep on when out and about. Designed for the social or busy mum you can’t go past our Foldable Carry Bed. Designed for convenience, the Foldable Carry Bed* is lightweight, breathable, compact and stylish. It’s perfect for trips to coffee dates, Nana's house, picnics, playdates with friends, lunches out, beach trips, camping or caravanning and lounging at home.

*For supervised napping only. Not designed as a travel cot or bassinet replacement.

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To keep your nappies neat and your baby comfortable.

The ergoPouch Newborn Gift Pack + Nappy Wallet is a little lifesaver. Mumma’s, you can use the nappy wallet, for, you guessed it nappy’s! It’s a chic option to keep inside your nappy bag, rather than having various nappy’s floating and hanging out of your bag. Designed with hidden compartments for your wipes, sanitiser, cream and more!

The Newborn Gift Pack with Nappy Wallet includes one 1.0 TOG Cocoon Swaddle Bag and one 0.2 TOG Long Sleeve Layer, in our Limited-Edition Nature Collection, Rainforest Leaves print. We suggest wearing the Layer as daywear, as a stylish, breathable option for when you are both on the run, with 3 way-zips for easy nappy changes on the go.

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Above all, you need these.

Our Cocoon Swaddle Bags have been designed to make your life and babies a lot smoother. Gone are the days where you have to awkwardly wrap your child in a complicated muslin wrap. The zip-up Cocoon Swaddle Bag has been designed to contain startle reflux while keeping baby snug, secure, comforted and warm. Best for newborns who are being swaddled and arms out (rollers) to age 12 months. Place your baby in our Cocoon Swaddle Bag if they are going to be sleeping in our Foldable Carry Bed, while you watch on. Follow these tips to ensure a safe sleep.

1. Make sure the Cocoon Swaddle Bag is not too tight, it should allow for easy breathing. Swaddles should allow for full and uninhibited chest expansion. Those little ribs are still very soft and bendy, an overly enthusiastic wrap has the potential to be too firm across the chest. The stretch throughout the body allows for a little bit of movement around the shoulders, enabling healthy development.

2. Are their little legs folded out like a frog? The hips need to be able to flop outwards while the baby sleeps. There is evidence that late-onset developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is increasing in Australia. DDH is when the hip is either dislocated or prone to dislocation. Tight swaddles and wraps across the hips that hold the legs together are thought to contribute to this increase in DDH.

3. Is baby hot? Babies don’t regulate their body heat very well and rely on their coverings to keep them warm but not hot. There is a fine balance, so if you choose to Cocoon Swaddle, check the day’s temperature forecast before heading out, and be sure to not overdress your baby. You can always follow our handy What to Wear guide.

4. Is there anything on the baby's face or head? Never cover a baby’s head at sleep time, for example with a hat or beanie, as they have been associated with overheating and suffocation.

5. Place their little arms over their chest and zip up the Cocoon Swaddle. As a bonus, each of our Cocoon Swaddles are 2 IN 1. Meaning they convert from a swaddle to a sleeping bag by opening the poppers in the armholes once your baby is showing signs of wanting to roll.

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Layers, you’re going to need at least two spares. (Just for adventures out)

Layers are an essential staple in any newborns sleeping wardrobe. Think of them as your little black dress, you need more than four and four isn’t enough (we tell our partners that, right!). Our Limited Edition on-trend printed Layers are designed for sleep AND daywear. Each ergoPouch layer is TOG rated taking the guesswork out of dressing warmly enough for sleep. Designed to be worn on their own, or underneath our famous Cocoon Swaddle bags, award-winning Sleep Suit Bags or Sleeping Bags. Pack a few extra layers for day wear in case little accidents happen.

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The ergoPouch suggested Nappy Bag

Staying organised and being prepared is key to minimising stress when out with a baby! When choosing a nappy bag, you need to think about functionality and practicality. Remember you will be juggling a bag, a pram, a Foldable Carry Bed and a baby. Bigger and designer is not the goal; opt for something you can wear on your back or strap to your pram for the ease of hands-free convenience.

With so many options on the market, we have done the hunting for you. You can't go past the Adventure Nappy Bag by Puggle Baby Australia. With lots of room and quick access pockets, there’s a place for everything you’ll be taking out; you can be assured you won't be rummaging to find your wipes in an emergency! Chic, stylish and comfortable, you will also have hubby wearing it on no time.

From AU$149.

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Also, don’t leave the house without:

• Nappies

• Wet wipes

• Plastic bags for dirty nappies and soiled clothes

• Extra shirt for you

• Bottle and formula if you’re formula feeding

• Nursing cover or lightweight blanket if you’re breastfeeding* (*optional, if you prefer a bit of privacy)

• Hand Sanitiser

• Change Mat

• Nappy Rash Cream

• A pram blanket to use as a makeshift rug if needed

• A bib or two (or more for reflux babies)

With Love eP X