Three factors in getting your baby to sleep better through the night

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It sometimes feels like a bit of a guessing game when it comes to creating the perfect little nest for our babies to peacefully slumber. Are they too hot or too cold? Do they need more layers or less? And what about those TOG ratings on Sleeping Bags? If you’re a little confused about how to make your baby as comfortable as possible over autumn and winter, these are our top tips.

Nursery temperature

One of our best tips to help baby sleep is nursey temperature. A baby’s room should be between 16°C and 20°C, but if you want to be bang on, 18°C is the ‘just right’ temperature for a nursery. It’s pretty hard to gauge this by feel, so it’s best to pop a room thermometer in your baby’s nursery, and you’ll be able to tell at a glance if the room is too chilly or too warm.

Top tips to get your baby to sleep better through the night. Mother putting baby to sleep.

Baby temperature

To check your baby’s temperature, just put your hand on their chest, tummy or back. This is the best way to feel if they are too hot or too cold, rather than feeling their hands or feet. Often your baby’s feet or hands will actually feel cooler than their core temperature.

  • A baby who’s too warm may have damp hair or be sweaty, flushed and have a fast pulse. In this case, remove a layer of clothing, and you can even try moving your baby to another room that’s a bit cooler.
  • A baby who’s too cold may not want to feed, may become lethargic and difficult to wake. There are warnings that a baby being too hot or too cold can increase the risk of SIDS. It’s not just a tip for better sleep - it's imperative to dress your baby correctly to accommodate the temperature of their room while they’re sleeping.

Dressing your baby appropriately

One of the best ways to ensure your baby can regulate their body temperature while they’re asleep is to dress them in natural fibres, like cotton and bamboo. Likewise, Sleeping Bags made of soft, natural fibres help promote an appropriate body temperature while slumbering. If you choose the correct, TOG-rated Pouch, your baby won’t need blankets.

ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bags, Sleeping Bags, Sleep Suit Bags and Sleep Onesies are a great choice when it comes to correctly dressing your baby for sleep. Our entire range is made using natural fibres such as organic cotton and bamboo. Our products also allow babies to move freely, with ergonomically shaped designs and stretch insert fabrics.

Top tips to get your baby to sleep better through the night.

Still confused?

We have created a temperature chart to help parents choose the right TOG rated ergoPouch product for your baby’s room and what to dress your baby in underneath their Cocoon Swaddle, Sleeping Bag, Sleep Suit Bag or Sleep Onesie. When you purchase an ergoPouch sleep product, you’ll receive a free room thermometer, so you can accurately check your nursery’s temperature.

What is a TOG rating?

You may have heard of a ‘TOG rating’ in relation to baby Sleeping Bags, but not really know what it is. Essentially, it’s a way of measuring the warmth of a Pouch, so you know which one best suits the season and situation. The smaller the TOG number, the cooler, or lighter, the Pouch. The higher the TOG, the warmer the Pouch.

We aim to take the guesswork out of choosing the right sleeping garment for your baby. Take a look at the guide below, to help you find the best sleepwear to help your baby sleep easier.

For more information, read more on what to dress your child in.

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TOG rating guide to pick the right sleepwear to help baby sleep

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