The Pouch Process

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Tell me parents, does this pattern of night time sleep feel familiar?


Put down to sleep wondering if your child is too hot or cold and continue to check and wonder every 2 hours throughout the night

Check if they’re breathing 15 times in the night, including whether or not you can see their chest rising on the baby monitor

Change nappy overnight (or take them to the toilet) whilst trying not to wake them fully, so you don’t have to wake up to a soaked-through cot or bed in the morning


Not to mention the countless awake time feeding, settling, burping throughout the dark hours. And it all feels so much harder during the night than it does during the day.

The night is long and full of terrors when it comes to our little cherubs, but WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Sure, we make organic sleeping bags and sleepwear for babies, kids and toddlers, but did you know that all our products are carefully designed to tackle aforementioned challenges?

Even seasoned parents struggle with overnight sleeping, warmth, waking, toileting etc. So we’ve put together The Pouch Process, to make it easier. Follow our Four Step Guide to getting your cutie sleeping safely and comfortably throughout the night.


The Pouch Process

Pouch process


Starting with your child's age and developmental phase, use our Milestones Chart to determine which of our organic, natural fibre product(s) are suitable for them right now.


pouch process


pouch process


Use our handy Room Thermometer to determine the temperature of the room/environment your child is sleeping in. (Tip - don't have a thermometer yet? Email us to receive a free one in the post).



Using our What to Wear Guide, match the product from Step One with the appropriate TOG rating given the room temperature. This is the pouch you need!

Layer underneath with our Layers and Bodywear as needed, given your child's tendency to run hot or cold, an illness present, or other factors. And remember - no blankets needed with ergoPouch, ever!


problem solving


Have a particularly troublesome sleep problem to overcome? See our range of Sleep Tools to find a product to help, such as the Butterfly Cardi, a Swaddle transition aid, Window Blockouts, Portable Bassinets and something just for you.


With love, 

eP X 

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