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For the first time ever, our 2.5 TOG Sleeved Jersey Bag comes with sleeves, a game changer during winter for infants who run cool.

We asked 6 parents struggling with cold sleepers and frequent night wakers, to trial our New Jersey Sleeping Bag 2.5 TOG with Sleeves over a 2 week period and this is what they had to say:

Emily- 3-6-month-old Infant

We loved the 2.5 TOG Jersey Bag! We live in rural Tasmania and during winter we get snow, so keeping my little one warm and comfortable is a priority! The quality of the Jersey Sleeved sack was amazing, felt so comfortable and soft, even my husband commented on the quality and the feel. My little one was born with a small stomach due to some minor growth restrictions, therefore she vomits quite a lot, we wore the sack every night for two weeks and it got washed and dried regularly. We did not notice any fading or discolouring of the product or thining of the lining. We opted for the 000-1 size which was huge, so possibly next time we will size down however, we will definitely get a lot of wear out of it due to the size. We loved it.

Emma- 3-6-month-old Infant

This was our first time using a Jersey Bag Sleeved sleeping bag from Ergo Pouch and we have absolutely loved it! Keeps my bubs all snuggly and warm all throughout the night which has led to better night sleeps and naps! I’ve been telling all my mum friends about it and how much we love them. Will definitely be purchasing another one very soon to have in the rotation! Thankyou Ergo Pouch!

Lily- 3-6-month-old Infant

We have found the 2.5 tog Jersey bag to be perfect for these cooler nights we have been having. I have followed the guide on how to dress baby with the temperature and have found he stays warm all night.

I am really impressed with the quality given we have to wash it so often. It’s still as good as new and the colour hasnt faded like some of the other brands we have used in the past.

The double zipper is perfect for those middle of the night nappy changes too. Will definitely be recommending to friends and buying some more as my bub grows.

Lydia - 1-2 year-old Toddler

The ease of use of these bags is an amazing help to parents, and even they’re simple enough to use for someone who may not have used TOG rated sleeping bags before. Upon opening the package, you will find your lovely new jersey sleeping bag (which feels so soft and stretchy) and a temperature guide/dressing card which also doubles as a thermometer, taking all the guesswork out of bedtime. The sleeves on this bag are an amazing addition as my son’s arms often got cold at night, which brought on night wakes and outfit changes. Overall, the 2.5TOG sleeved jersey sleeping bag from ergoPouch has been so easy to use and I always confidently recommend ergopouch to parents seeking TOG rated for their little ones.

Shanise - 3-6-month-old Infant

During our trial the first thing I noticed with Aria was her early morning wakes were no more. Aria used to be awake every hour from 3am onwards now she will only wake once and that’s because of her silly dad . Compared to our previous sleep suit we love how the arms are our but they still feel they are tucked in. The soft inside makes it so cozy for Aria. ErgoPouch we recommend to everyone

Tegan - 3-6 month-old Infant

We loved the 2.5 TOG Jersey sleeved sleeping bag! Previously we've only used the sheeting sleeping bag in this size as I always thought it would wear better than the jersey bag but I've been pleasantly surprised. The Jersey bag is so soft and snuggly, the fold over hands are one of our favourite features and I love that the thick material covers the entire suit (unlike the sheeting sleeping bag which I didn't realise before trialing this product). It's washed really well without pilling, it has bunched a little around the stitching but not more than I expected for a padded product. We definitely recommend the Jersey sleeping bag for little ones who love to be snuggly and warm.

When asked about how it improved their sleep challenges, particularly around the cold of night and frequent night wakes, our respondents said

'This sleeping bag has helped us significantly with night wakes from night one. My son used to get cold arms and he now comfortably sleeps through and feels nice and snuggly warm when we get him in the morning. It has allowed us to add less layers and have less items of clothing to mess around with when dressing/undressing him.' - Lydia

'The arms with fold over hands helped with our transition to arms out and reduced the number of wakes. The thickness of the suit also helped to add a bit more structure to the suit and keep some of the swaddled feeling.'- Tegan

'It has helped keep Bub warm. The last brand we were using I’d find our Bub would wake up with cold feet even with socks but having this on top of pjs and socks keeps him warm all night long' - Tegan

'Keeps my Bub warmer throughout the night resulting in less night wakings due to being cold!' - Emma

'My little one appeared to be much more comfortable and warm during the night. We went from 3-4 over night wake ups to a majority of nights only having one wake up (we even got one night where she slept through)'- Emily

And in comparison to other brand Sleeping Bags in the market

Our testers overall said that ergoPouch was their 'favourite' and compared to other brands we ranked well in quality and washability.

So, what's your verdict? To sleeve or not to sleeve. Let us know on our social channels

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