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In winter, a light onesie is just simply not enough. Well these 1.0 TOG Long Sleeve Layers aren't just your regular onesie, they are warmer, thicker and oh snuggly, pairing perfectly with the ergoPouch bags or on their own as daywear.

We were confident that our layers were simply the best, but we wanted to put it to the test. So we asked 5 everyday parents to trial the 1.0 TOG Layer over 2 weeks and tell us their thoughts and how it compares to a regular onesie. Here's what they had to say.

The reviews are in and here they are...

Georgia 3-6 months ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ️

"We were previously dressing him in bonds onesies with the Ergopouch Jersey sleep suits over the top however, it was hard to tell what TOG the Bonds onesies were so I found it difficult to follow the Ergopouch temperature/dressing guide.

As soon as we received the 1 TOG rated onesie layer I noticed straight away how much thicker it was than the Bonds onesie. From the moment we got the 1 TOG layer Jude has gone from waking 3-4 times a night to only 1-2 times a night (and now just for feeds not because he is cold).

It has made such a difference in his sleep and it’s such a relief knowing he is going to be warm. It has also made life so much easier being able to follow the temperature guide so much more accurately. Jude has not slept in any other onesie since the moment we got it.

I am at the point where I need to buy another one so I am not frantically washing and drying it every few days because I can’t imagine him going to bed in anything else. We absolutely love it and will continue to use the layers for a long time to come. I have highly recommended it to my mothers group too. Thank you!"

Mark 0-3 Months ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"We found the 1.0 TOG Layer a high-quality product. The first thing we noted was how well it was made - from the stitching, to the zip covers. Clearly, every part of the design had been carefully thought through and executed very well.

Secondly, the material choice was excellent. It was warm - which is great in the colder Tasmanian climate we are in - and it had also a gentle feel to it on the skin.

Thirdly, the choice to put the zip in the centre, between the legs and halfway up the back was odd to us, but turned out to be great. It meant that the garment never had the issue of one, less comfortable, and easier to escape leg because of a zip that went down the leg. So, it took a little adjusting for us, but in the end we liked the zip design."

Laura 6-12 months⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I liked the layer because it was a nice soft material. My baby must have felt more comfort from the layer compared to other brands because he slept for longer periods than usual. It was simple to use with the 3 way zip and very stretchy material as well to help get his legs in and out for nappy changes."

Erika 6-12 months⭐⭐⭐

"I like the fabric of the onesie/layer, it was thick enough to keep baby warm before wearing the sleeping bag while the baby was still around crawling and playing. Likewise, the fabric is very comfortable and flexible allowing the baby to move easily when playing or sleeping. The zip going all the way back to the bottom makes easier to undress the baby when changing nappies, as it allows more range of motion when taking the legs out of the onesie."

Kat 1-2 year old ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Loved the softness of the fabric. Well made, and kept my daughter’s arms warm at night. The only thing I didn’t love about the design is the positioning of the zipper."

 What the participants said when it came to managing the cold as a sleep challenge


"We went from 3-4 wake ups a night to 1-2 and he has felt warm now instead of cold when he wakes. I also came to the realisation that the Bonds onesies are probably closer to a 0.2 TOG so they are not good for the cold nights we are starting to get. The Layer is so much thicker and better quality."


"The layer was excellent in the cooler temperatures we get (it can get quite cold even in the house overnight). This layer seemed to provide much more insulation than the Bonds and Target layers we had previously used. This 1.0 layer is perfectly paired with a wrap or sack for a good night's sleep on the cold nights."


"My baby usually wakes every 2 hours at night but because of the thicker material he must have felt more comfort from the layer and slept for 6 hours straight. We call it the magical onesie in our house."


"Moving from summer to autumn/winter is a bit challenging in terms of how to dress your baby warm enough for an uninterrupted sleep. So, this product gave me a good baseline of how to go up or down with extra or less layers for a comfortable sleep."


"I was always worried that my daughters arms were cold, so going from a Bonds Wondersuit to this definitely helps with that concern."

What participants said when asked about how they compare this layer to other brands


"The quality of this product is great, I love the thickness of the suit and the material is beautiful and soft. Also love how the feet can be turned into socks. It is definitely thicker than other brands like Bonds, Target and Kmart. The sizing seems perfect too, good length for Jude who is very long."


"I didn't expect the 1.0 TOG to be a big difference to the layers we had previously used, but it really made a big difference - particularly when combined with a sack or a wrap. The fabric quality exceeds the Bonds and Target items we previously used. I suspect that the 'hand-me-downability' of this is of a magnitude greater than a lot of other options. (good for the environmental aspect, since kids don't stay one size for long!)"


"I definitely rate this product compared to other brands because you know the TOG rating and you can go by the room temperature guide supplied by Ergopouch as well. The fabric is beautiful, I loved the soft material and thickness."


"The quality of the product is good; however, in terms of functionality, I did not see a big difference in using this product."


"Noticeably thicker and warmer than the Bonds Wondersuits, which I think would be around 0.2 TOG."


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