How to reduce overnight eczema flare ups

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What Triggers Eczema?
Eczema in young children can be triggered by a variety of things. Common triggers are:
  • Irritants: chemicals, weather (hot and humid or cold and dry conditions) and air conditioning or overheating, tobacco smoke
  • Allergens: house dust mites, moulds, grasses, plant pollens, foods, pets and clothing, soaps, shampoos and washing Stress
What are the signs and symptoms of eczema in children?
  • Dry, red, patchy or cracked skin
  • Can appear on any part of the body
  • May be weeping/oozing or have yellow/brown crusting
  • May be itchy
Babies and kids with eczema can be itchier at night than they are during the day.
  • Overheating during sleep due to temperature or synthetic fibres
  • Body temperature fluctuating – sweating and cooling quickly
  • Synthetics fibres irritating skin through chemicals, or by containing sweat on skin
  • Scratching itchy skin overnight
Eczema is often a culprit for sleepless nights in those small children who suffer the condition. Helping your child minimise irritants at night can contribute to a more restful sleep.
All ergoPouch sleepwear is made from breathable, natural fibres including certified organic cotton and bamboo, and dyed with water-based dyes. They are non-toxic and contain no chemicals. This benefits your eczema-prone babe for multiple reasons.
  1. Soothing, chemical-free natural fibres are soft against the skin and won’t irritate sensitive or weeping eczema patches
  2. Natural fibres improve breathability and disperse moisture on the skin, to keep your little one’s body at an even temperature no matter the season. Our natural fibre products are TOG rated for warmth, ensuring your mini will be comfortable and safe all night long.
  3. Our sleeping bags and layers provide coverage that can stop your child from directly itching their skin
How does Organic Cotton help?
Organic cotton is grown in a way that uses natural methods to minimise the impact on our environment, using less water, reducing toxic missions and replenishes soil fertility. Our GOTS-certified Organic Cotton is free from pesticides and is not genetically modified like conventional cotton.
What it does:
  • Allows skin to breath
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Reduces chances of overheating
  • Reduces eczema flare-ups
  • No toxic chemicals against your child’s skin
Best for:
Natural fibres are safer for your child and better for their skin.
Can be found:
All ergoPouch sleepwear is made from natural fibres; Certified Organic Cotton and Bamboo.
All ergoPouch products are dyed using water-based ink, meaning they’re non-toxic for your child and their skin, and better for our environment.
Be wary of:
Stay away from sleepwear with synthetic outer materials AND fillings, such as polyester. Synthetic fibres do not have the same qualities and can lead to temperature variations throughout the night.
They can also trap too much heat, which can be a particular problem for babies with eczema as this will aggravate the condition. Overheating is also dangerous for small babies and can lead to SIDS.
Choosing sleepwear for your eczema-prone child
Whilst organic, natural fibres are a great start, it's important to choose the right warmth (TOG) rating for the season. View our What to Wear Guide to help you choose the right TOG and product for your child.
Skylar wears: 0.2 TOG Long Sleeve Layer in Sage. Leo wears: 0.2 TOG Long Sleeve Layer in Grey Marle. Cruz wears: 0.2 TOG Long Sleeve Layer in Berries.
1 Eczema Association of Australasia
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